Welcome to the Canadian Energy Literacy Network (CELN)

With the help of our amazing partners, Let’s Talk Energy is building the Canadian Energy Literacy Network. This is a community of practice open to professionals, organizations, and advocates who are doing substantial work to improve energy literacy in Canada.

What is a Community of Practice?
A community of practice is a group of people and organizations brought together by a common interest, passion, or need. Through collaboration and cooperation, communities of practice can engage in and carry out their commonalities more effectively together.

Why do we need energy literacy?
Canada is a country with abundant and varied energy sources which are vital to providing quality of life to Canadians and to people around the world.  How we develop our energy resources and how we build our energy system will have profound economic, environmental and social consequences.  Canadians with a deeper understanding of the energy system will enable society to have productive and meaningful conversations about energy use.

Why is there a need for a Canadian Energy Literacy Network?
There are several organizations working to promote energy literacy at a local, national and even regional level across Canada.These organizations include NGOs, government, companies, universities/colleges, museums, and advocacy groups. Because the groups are so diverse, there is currently no association or network that allows them to connect and communicate naturally.

We recognized the great opportunity to collaborate with these groups, and we aim to be a point of connection between them. We want to help maximize the impact of their work and their dollars by creating a network through which they can share resources, learn from shared experience, and avoid duplicating work. Together, we can better define what energy literacy means and bring it to more Canadians than ever before.

Who’s involved in the Canadian Energy Literacy Network?
Along with members of our Museum Affiliated Partners Program (MAPP) program, our network also includes a variety of energy associations, post-secondary institutions, government organizations, and non-government agencies. We love that these different groups bring forward a variety of ideas and perspectives, and provide access to a wide spectrum of resources to share with our partners.

But this is just the beginning! We want to work together with even more individuals and groups who are doing exciting work in energy literacy. We want to help them achieve their goals by connecting them with other like-minded people across the country who can provide guidance, resources, and feedback.  We created a digital communication platform for energy literacy professionals to ask questions, gather resources, and build programs collaboratively. Together, we can take make it easier than ever to teach Canadians about their role in the energy system and why it’s so important.

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