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    • Welcome Vanessa! How are you involved in the energy industry?

      • Hi Jonathan! I run a New Brunswick-based charity called The Gaia Project. We offer energy literacy programs here, and I’m looking to connect with others running similar programs to share lessons learned and best practices. Yourself?

        • I work for Let’s Talk Energy based out of Ottawa. I recently walked from Montreal to Ottawa over the course of 5 days and slept in my tent the whole way. I was trying to see how foregoing heating/cooling and transportation(2 of Canadians major energy uses) would affect my life. Turns out I really need energy in my life!!

          I was checking out the Gaia Project Facebook page and I saw a picture of a woman riding a bike which seemed to be powering a generator. We also built our own powerbikes, what can your bike do?

          • Amazing – I followed some of the journey on Twitter.

            That bike is a simulator – meant for educational purposes that we pair with other tools. We do have one that generates and is hooked up to LED lights. I’ve been thinking that a great educational tool would to be to put bikes that can charge cell phones in schools (as every kid I’ve ever talked to on the bike, asks: ‘can I charge my cell phone with this’?) Where could I find a pic or more info on your bikes?

            • Bikes charging cellphones would be a great idea. I can’t believe it would be too difficult either!

              I just uploaded a picture of our CEO riding one of our Powerbikes and a short description to the Energy Initiatives group.

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